Islamic state kids women released from syrian refugee camp in Aleppo

Islamic state kids women released from syrian refugee camp in Aleppo.

This morning a young Syrian girl is pictured standing up to a masked jihadist man in Damascus.

She told Syrian activists of her love for President Assad after the young man was allegedly handed away by members of the security forces.

‘God willing, this man will live in my house for a long time,’ she said in a video of the scene.

Video footage shows the young girl, named only as Misha, walking with her grandmother and her aunt to the refugee camp in Aleppo.

The girl is one of a number of girls released from the se우리카지노curity forces after their captors were identified.

Her grandmother said after the footage she was devastated and feared for her own future as the jihadist could be her only child.

‘We’re very, very worried that this boy will fall into the hands of the Islamic State, that ISIS will take his life and that they will send his wife and all his belongings to Syria,’ Marib Atassi told Syrian activists from the Free Syrian Army.

‘And this girl’s only hope is that she finds some peace here in Aleppo as she is here as a refugee, as a child, for a long time.’

Syrian rebels are fighting Islamic State in the war-torn country’s five-year civil war. The group, which is a Sunni Muslim group, has seized swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and is also responsible for several terrorist attacks.

The girls face serious threats, including rape, enslavement and being sold into Islamic slavery or forced to become fighters, but the group has no qualms about using women and girls as sex sl더킹카지노aves for profits.

The new video comes days after Syrian activists said they were capturing a number of young jihadists released from a police torture camp in Daraa province, which, according to activists, was the focus of the Islamic State group’s infamous’slaughter of infidels’ campaign.

But this could soon change with a string of Islamic State releases on Wednesday that include two me바카라n accused of beheading another young Syrian girl for her father’s religious beliefs.

A video posted on Twitter by a group of Syria-backed rebels has a young girl in Homs

ISIS, who are often used to terrorizing the West, released a stream of 16 children on Wednesday after they were found guilty of committing ‘barbaric acts’ after their capture by Iraqi and Syrian forces.

The pair, ‘Jihadi’ Abdullah Ibrahim al-Jazraw

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