Western troops kill 8 afghans after attack police leave country

Western troops kill 8 afghans after attack police leave country UN has called for UN troops to be deployed to Afghanistan after a US drone attack killed eight Afghans who tried to escape their country to safety, according to news reports. The announcement came hours after President Barack Obama visited Kabul for talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The US military acknowledged that six Americans were killed by a drone attack, but did not confirm that it was behind the attacks. ‘It was an attack from a Predator drone, and as the CIA was responsible for that, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that no further harm or loss of life occurs from that incident,’ said a US defence departmenjarvees.comt spokesperson. The announcement came amid speculation that an attack on civilian targets in the country by a drone could lead to another US attack. Scroll down for video Afghanistan (far right) pictured in July 2003 ‘I am looking at a number of optio바카라ns right now,’ said Arm바카라y Colonel John Dorrian, US military spokesperson. ‘One would be for United States troops to move into Afghanistan within months to begin training Afghan forces, possibly for a period of up to 10 years or beyond. ‘This could include sending troops to provide a full troop base and additional trainers in the areas of intelligence, special forces, logistics and military equipment, among other things.’ The US military and the Taliban are both suspected of carrying out drone strikes in the country. Al Jazeera’s Aysha Rascoe, reporting from Kabul, said that it was very difficult to tell just yet exactly what happened because of confusion over who carried out the attack. ‘There’s a lot of debate and speculation about the exact fate of those victims and who initiated the attack. We know that they were trying to leave Afghanistan, but at this stage, we don’t know if they were captured or they were killed,’ she said. ‘At the moment we don’t know the exact details of their actions. We have been told by security personnel that they left some weapons and documents behind so we know they took part in some sort of military activity or the like…

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