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Samsung Galaxy A10 Review This year’s Samsung Galaxy A Series is arguably the company’s most diverse lineup of smartphones to date. At one end, you have flagship class features like the ones found on the Galaxy A90 5G, while the other serves up impressive affordability, in the likes of the humble Galaxy A10. The baby of the current bunch, the A10, doesn’t have the card captor sakura cover iphone same design flair or photographic feature cover samsung s4 harry potter set of its numerically superior migliore custodia iphone 8 plus A series siblings but it still manages to distil down cover samsung s7 originale that Galaxy DNA into a sub 140 device. Samsung continues iphone se custodia a libro to square off against Apple in the flagship space but it’s the growing number of Chinese brands now custodia cover huawei mate 10 lite present at the budget end of the market that the company needs to watch out for. In the UK you’re most likely to encounter the base model, with 32GB of internal storage (plus microSD expandability) and 2GB of RAM. Our review sample was provided by Carphone Warehouse which offers the A10 on both PAYG and Pay Monthly plans, with the former costing 139.99 and the latter starting at 11.99 a month, with cover fronte retro iphone 7 zero upfront cost. You iphone 5s custodia pelle apple can also pick it up from Samsung directly, as well as the likes of Amazon. Design Build ‘Functional’ springs to mind when looking at custodia cover samsung s10 plus the Galaxy A10′s form. It’s not all that surprising that, at such a price point, Samsung’s simplest A series device doesn’t exactly stretch its legs in the design department. A chromed accent here or some more dynamic colourways there wouldn’t have done its appearance any harm, though. While even the humble black Galaxy A50 is elevated by an eye catching holographic top coat, the A10 opts for simpler block colours, rendered in shiny, fingerprint and scuff cover a libro per iphone xr prone plastic. Depending on where you pick the phone up, custodia cover samsung s7 edge you might cover iphone x xs be able to land the more adventurous red hue, otherwise, your options fall to a conservative dark blue or the mainstay black option although in this case, the phone is closer to a dark gunmetal grey when the light hits it. Despite the use of polycarbonate instead of glass (the standard for most phones below the 200 mark), the A10 does, at tech21 cover for iphone 6s plus least, feel solidly built. The wraparound unibody features cut outs for the standard assortment of plastic hardware controls on the right side, as well as ports along the bottom edge; while the display protrudes slightly, in such a way that the A10 looks and feels slimmer than it actually is. While USB C is now commonplace, this budget Galaxy still sports a now ageing microUSB port. It’s a minor annoyance if you’ve enjoyed the reversible convenience of newer Type C connections, but if not, chances cover iphone 7 pop soket are, you’ll have plenty of compatible cables floating still around, making finding somewhere to charge up a doddle. One vestigial that we are happy to see endure on the bottom edge of the A10 is the classic 3.5mm headphone jack. In some markets, Samsung even throws wired headphones in box and with an FM radio onboard, getting to cover iphone sei some good tunes is arguably far more accessible than it is on pricier handsets that either don’t include earbuds or a headphone jack natively. The bezels surrounding the top and sides of the phone’s 6.2in, 19:9 aspect ratio screen are pleasingly thin, comparable to the likes of an iPhone 11 in this regard. What Samsung calls an ‘Infinity V’ display really refers to the shape of the notch at play here and like the OnePlus 6T, the A10 features a nicely rounded, but not too obtrusive, dewdrop notch, which itself houses the phone’s single 5MP front facing camera and the phone’s earpiece. Most other phones around this price point tend to feature a less elegant alternative, similar to the one found on Samsung’s own Infinity U displays. The A10 does also have a slightly thicker ‘chin’ of bezel compared to the top and side edges of the display’s surround, but this too custodia iphone se 360 gradi still appears to be slimmer than the phone’s most closely priced rivals. As for the panel itself, Samsung has opted for an extended HD+ TFT LCD. It impresses with its viewing angles, while its sheer size also renders the A10 a great phone for enjoying media on a budget. A one handed mode does also feature, so it’s easy enough to use, should iphone 6 s cover ebay you not have both hands free. The lower than average resolution is noticeable, but not to any hugely detrimental effect individual pixels are only just discernible and the screen is still more up to the task of displaying fine image detail and text, even if it lacks the crispness of the more senior members of the A Series. The phone’s Night mode switches various elements of the interface’s theme from light to dark to make viewing easier; a feature which cover iphone 4s gocce can be controlled manually or automated cover samsung galaxy a3 based on sunrise and sunset. Dark mode is native to the latest Android 10, which the A10 still lacks, so the fact this feature still appears here is doubly appreciated. The phone’s display settings do also include a blue light filter, which helps with viewing content in low light or late at night but it’s one of the most rudimentary implementations of the technology we’ve seen. You can toggle it on or off from the phone’s quick settings menu but that’s it. The company’s own One UI overlay does go some way to reduce the effects of this disparity by bringing features like the aforementioned dark cover originale iphone 6s mode, forward.

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